Wednesday, January 12, 2011

how did I make hansel build osf

0. always make sure u are mp at all the times.
1. make each forge to level 3 one by one,
2. until 7 forge,
3. each new land open make guild lvl1 to lvl2, maybe lvl3
4. repeat step 3, until land 900m.
5. next repeat upgrade all guild to lvl3,
6. repeat step 5,
7. start delete each forge, and make guild lvl3, until 1 remaining for atk in pw
8. then upgrade all guild to lvl 4 (900m)
9. after complete step 8, continue step 10
10. open  new land, and fill with lvl3 guild
11. repeat until lc
12. make all guild lvl4
13. complete 23 t3 lcbc OSF hansel build

Special tips:
1. before opening new land,
2. clear all troops,
3. make level 1 T1 atk build,
4. you will be able to atk 24-26 more times (where u have mp as main income)
5. delete ur atk building and continue make guild.
6. these steps can be applied after step 2.

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