Friday, January 21, 2011

Max Plunder (mp)

What is max plunder?
when u attack any people, you get the income out of it.

1. Plunder you gain from number of troops fought against.
2. Allies Bonus, you get from the total worth of your allies to max your plunder
3. Total gold won after TAX, [(1)+(2)-(4) as in Picture above].
4. War Tax you have to pay during the (war/plunder war)
5. Troops you lose during war.
6. Opposite side troops lose.

To Check whether you are at max plunder or not. 
1. Attack any open OSF 
2. Note the Allies Bonus [(2) as in Picture above]. for this case its 11,034,279
3. Hire any cheap allies 10k, 100k, 
4. Attack the same open OSF you attacked in 1.
5. Note the Allies Bonus [(2) as in Picture above].
6. If it remains the same, then congrats you are at Max-Plunder (mp).
7. If not, repeat hiring BIG allies, and goto step 4.

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